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AMS 2022 Year End Review

2022 was an amazing year for Arndt Municipal Support, Inc. It is hard to believe that the year is already over. Those 12 months really flew by. I am proud to announce that AMS met our goals for 2022, which was to double the amount of customers we supported in 2021. We crushed it! In 2021, in partnership with GovHR USA, we supported 17 customers. In 2022, in partnership with GovHR USA, we were able to support 38 customers.

What a blessing to be able to support 38 communities with their plans, staffing studies, policies, financial analysis, financial forecasts, class and compensation studies, retention programs, job descriptions, succession planning, and executive recruitments. I was blessed to serve five communities over my 23 years of local government service, but I must admit the opportunity to help 38 in a year was very rewarding.

The professional relationships and friendships I have bult with local government professionals has been amazing. I come away from each community so pleased with where we are at in local government. We truly have talented professionals leading our great cities and villages across our Nation. They are public servants that strongly desire the best for their communities.

Through these past twelve months I have provided support to several cities and villages in the following states:

  • Massachusetts

  • Illinois

  • Missouri

  • Wisconsin

  • Kentucky

  • Nebraska

  • Arkansas

  • Iowa

  • Michigan

I was also blessed with the opportunity to speak at the following conferences:

  • Illinois Government Finance Officer Association (3 times)

  • Illinois Association of Wastewater Agencies

Over the past year I attended, sponsored, and/or hosted an exhibitor booth at the following conferences:

  • Missouri Municipal League

  • Illinois City and County Managers Association

  • Municipal Clerks Institute Illinois

  • Kentucky City and County Managers Association

  • Illinois Municipal League

2022 truly has been a very rewarding year for me personally and professionally. I truly appreciate the opportunity to support local government leaders. I know they are tasked with more than they can keep up with. My mission is "To provide practical executive level support to local government leaders." After the past twelve months I can proudly proclaim, mission accomplished! However, as you all know too well, in local government public service the work is never really done.

I will end this blog with a quote that my colleague and friend Michelle Smolen heard me say on more than one occasion, when I served with her on Team Paducah:

"On to the next!"

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