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Are you scared, yes; but here we grow!

Over the past year I discovered a lesson that I wished I would have learned decades ago. That in itself is a scary thought, but I digress. There are a few absolutes in life, but one near absolute is that everyone is afraid from time to time. Fear is not just an emotion that a few unfortunate souls feel. Fear is real not just for you, but for me and for virtually everyone reading this blog.

Do you ever have that thought? Am I the only that is fearful of this or that? The answer is no! You are Human! I am Human! Most people are afraid. Fear in itself is not a negative emotion, but how we respond to it may or may not be constructive or productive for us.

I have done a lot of things in my professional and personal life that some may think are scary. I have served as a police officer in central Illinois for six years. I served in the United States Army for three years. With all that said, this next chapter in my life, leaving my position as the City Manager for Paducah Kentucky and opening up my own local government consulting business has been the scariest thing I have done to date.

For years, I have been to afraid to follow this dream. Fear has kept me on the sideline looking at other entrepreneurial small business owners do what I am driven to accomplish. I admired their courage. Why were they not afraid? Over the past year a light bulb came on for me. I am hopeful that this concept will empower you as well to chase your dreams:

Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is doing what you need, or want, or are expected to do in spite of your fear. That is when it hit me! When you are acting courageous, you are overcoming your fear. The fear is still there, but it is not stopping you from doing what you want or need to do!

I am now proud to say that I am exercising courage and stepping out despite my fear. I am joining the small business fraternity! I am proud to be part of such a courageous group of people. I hope this blog inspires you to act in spite of year fear. Breath in power and breath out that fear! Go forth and conquer your dreams!

Here we grow!

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