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Are you willing to get off the boat?

I came across this juicy success nugget several months ago. It is on point, but a little aggressive. Here it is, "Don't expect to walk on water if you don't get out of the boat." Wow! That is spot on. How many of us want to see change, but but make no effort to make the change. How many of us want to positively impact out organization, but are too afraid to step off the boat. How many of us want to create magic, but are reluctant to take the risk.

Just imagine our world if the inventors of this computer were too afraid to step off the boat? Every day we all face challenges. Some are mundane, but others have the opportunity to start a movement. You know what the say about courage. It is not the absence of fear, but acting despite of it.

What is it you want to accomplish in 2022? What is that one thing that you have been afraid of trying, but you really want to accomplish. You cannot just sit there and hope it will happen to you or for you. That is like hoping that you will win the lottery, when you never bought a ticket. Miracles do happen. Great things happen every day to people across our world. How will you win the game of life if you do not play in the game?

I submit to you that you need to exercise courage. Get off of the bench and insert yourself in the game. Get out of the boat and enter the water. If you want to truly do something special, you will need to do something. There is one thing for sure, if you do not try, you will get exactly what you have now. Nothing. Status quo. Your vision may be the next greatest invention for mankind. Your idea may be the best leadership technique ever developed. Your epiphany may be the cure to this COVID19 pandemic. But we will never know, if you do not gather your courage and step off of the boat.

The world needs you and your ideas. Please step off of the boat. You may sink, but guess what. There are other courageous people out on the water waiting for you and your gifts for mankind.

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