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Change is Difficult.

I learned early in my career that despite what people often say, the only change people truly enjoy is change that comes from a vending machine. Change agents truly have a difficult task. Dare I say calling. When leaders bring change to an organization there is often some resistance, but in time the change is gradually accepted and the good brought about by the change is quite like the change people actively pursue from a vending machine. It is liked and eagerly accepted.

What is the the secret to successfully administering change in your organization? That is the question! As an "Achiever" I have implemented change in several of my organizations. Some that was appreciated and some that was not, but all have always been for the better. The secret I recently discovered is accurate in most situations, but not all. Another point of clarification is that some change may not ever be enjoyed or accepted by all in the organization. Let's face it, the adage "you can please some people all the time and all the people some time, but you cannot please all the people all the time" has a lot of merit, dare I say it is borderline a law of our society. The secret is successful change within your culture/organization often requires a heaping helping of grace and love liberally applied.

You will routinely run into trouble when change is forced. Change forced upon others is similar to when you try to put that prescription pill into your dogs mouth. The people do not like it and reject it just like the dog does not like the pill and it will spit the pill out of its mouth. However, when you apply some love and grace to the pill, by wrapping the pill in a piece of cheese or by coating the pill in some peanut butter, your pooch accepts the pill a little easier. Change in comparison, when wrapped in grace and love is also accepted a little easier.

Does this make me a master at directing and influencing organizational change? The short answer to that is no. I am still mastering effective change management and learning how to balance when to apply grace and love through gradual implementations of necessary changes within the organization with moving with urgency when the timing for organization change is right or the situation demands it. Sometimes the timing may not permit the application of peanut butter. Nevertheless, I can attest to you that through my years of leadership with diverse organizations, change is a lot easier when there is a lot of love incorporated in the change process.

Your team will follow your influence, if they believe in you and know that you are looking down the road and have a plan in place for what it is going to be like when the team arrives. This faith in you and your leadership ability grows through time and through your daily deposits of grace and love. Some change, like bitter pills, are swallowed easier if your team knows you are giving them the pill because in the long run the pill is better for the organization in the future.

Yes, change is difficult, but without it we would not have electricity, democracy, running water, or the internet. Remember that the changes you are making are for the positive improvement of your organization and they will be the most effective when you spend the time developing the changes and implementing those changes in grace and covered up in love, just like peanut butter.

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