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Do you add to your team?

The motto for Arndt Municipal Support Inc. is "Adding value through service." Every time we enter a room we either add value or subtract value. Do others light up when you enter the room? Do you bring energy, skillsets, excitement, positivity, and/or encouragement or do you bring negativity, complaints, concerns, pessimism, regrets, and/or slothfulness? Do others get excited or disappointed when you call in sick to work, miss a meeting, or just don't show up? If they get excited, you are probably subtracting from the relationship. If they get disappointed, you are adding value and the team appreciates your contributions. Let's be honest, we know these people. I cannot count how many times when a teammate of mine missed a meeting and I secretly rejoiced :)

I recently purchased a Cannon MP11DX desktop calculator for my office. I typically use a scientific calculator or make calculations in Excel. When I learned that you have to enter a value into the calculator then hit the + add button to make the value a positive value I reflected back to being a value add. Are you making a positive addition to your home, your family, your church, your friendships, your marriage, your team, and/or your organization? Are you contributing to the positive growth of your relationship though the skillsets, gifts, talents, and/or attitude you bring to the relationship?

You see a lot of questions in this Blog. Yes, it is time for some self reflection. You may not be surprised by the answers to these questions, but is some cases you may discover that when you actually thought you were bringing value, that you were actually sucking value out of the relationship. Remember your math. One negative value can turn a positive into a negative. Take some time to consider the various relationships that you have. Are you adding value? If not, do what you can to either add value or remove yourself from that situation. If the others get upset that you are leaving, you may be adding more value than you understood. If they do not object, you made the correct decision.

Through my career in public service I have been blessed to work with multiple community leaders with a variety of attitudes and skillsets. These leaders well mostly well intentioned (although we all know there are many that are self absorbed and do not have good intentions) do not necessarily add value to the organization. I have worked with some that have literally sucked the wind out of the sails and worked hard at pulling in the opposite direction than the rest of the team.

I recently learned from a colleague that there is an illustration that depicts two horses attached to a rope that are both pulling that rope hard, but they are not going anywhere because they are pulling the rope in an opposite direction from one another. If you feel like you are the brake. If you feel like you are the anchor. It is time to do a deep dive and contemplate the role you are playing. It may be time for you to add value to the team by removing yourself from the team.

Our society is full of fear, consternation, and negativity. Find where you fit. Use your gifts and talents to better this world. You have value to add. There are people in this world that need what you have to offer. Be a + value in your relationships

Keep shining!

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