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It Takes A Team!

We have all heard the powerful one liners: "Teamwork makes the dreamwork." and "Together everyone achieves more." We all have heard them and agree to some extent, but have you ever stopped to think how true these motivational quips are? Whether it is at the office, at your home, in your family, or at the local Lions Club, teamwork does make the dream work.

Some may say to themselves that they are a lone wolf, that they can go alone and do things better by themselves. To an extent that is very true. Some can be very successful on their own, but what we all must realize is that there is a lid. A cap. There is a limit to each individual person's capacity. To achieve more, yes I am going to say it, it takes a team.

I am a big Marvel and DC movies fan. There are wonderful superheroes that as individuals display super skills, talents, and/or powers. Whether it is Peter Parker and his "Spidey senses", or Batman and his incredible wealth and penchant for revenge, or Wonder Woman and her amazing strength. They are all individually rock stars. They would all make very good employees. However, when you put them on a team with other gifted and talented rock stars, now you have something that looks totally different. There skillsets and talents they bring to the table are magnified. Spiderman is a better Spiderman when he is teamed up with the Avengers. Batman is a better Batman when he is teamed up with the Justice League.

I know you are thinking these are fictional characters, I agree, but there is still a valuable lesson to be learned here. When you are part of a talented and motivated team, the team can produce more results than you can on your own. The key here is how you create your team for success.

Before you construct a team consider the skills and talents of each individual member. See what they can bring to the team to magnify the success of the team. What is their value proposition? Second, do they understand the mission of the team and are they united in that mission? You may have a very talented rock star that is not all in toward the mission of the team. That's okay, not everyone will be a good fit for your team.

The same goes for you when you are asked to join a team. What is your value add? What do you bring to the team? Second, do you understand the team's mission? Are you all in to accomplish that mission? If you add value and are united to accomplish the mission, join the team and make some magic happen. If not, that is okay as well. Simply decline the offer. The team will be better for it!

Teamwork truly can propel your abilities to make magic happen in your community, your organization, and your family. Teamwork raises the lid or the cap. We all only have twenty-four hours in a day and seven days in a week. When you add a few united and talented people to your team your capacity is multiplied. There is power in teamwork. There is creation in teamwork. There is magic in teamwork.

Stay blessed and keep shining!

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