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"Keep shining!"

Yeah, it's kind of my thing. My tagline if you will for Arndt Municipal Support Inc. In just a few words, this powerful mantra succinctly recognizes the strengths, talents, and potential in others and encourages them to use these talents for the betterment of our society. "Keep shining!" who says that? I do! More to the point, I mean what I say.

I was searching for a way to close my letters for Arndt Municipal Support Inc. A way to close my morning encouragement texts to members of my network and my family. A way that personalized my salutation. A salutation that aligned with my personal mission statement of: "Encourage others always!" With the City of Paducah, I would close my missives with the City's slogan: "Be the best!" that was a powerful tagline that aligned with my personal mission statement and core values. Could I just continue to use it? Yes, but that did not feel right. It belongs to the City of Paducah and the City is much larger than me.

When I went to the City of Paducah from the City of Effingham I often used the tagline: "Here we grow!" to capture forward momentum and positive aspirations. This tagline also aligned with my core values and personal mission statement. This one also used an exclamation point. There must be power in the point! There I go again. I toyed with resurrecting this one. However, it felt like it was not quite pure in its alignment with Arndt Municipal Support Inc. I was on a quest to find the one tagline that summed up my attitude in a nutshell.

Enter into the fray Psalm 37. During my daily readings several months ago an author referenced Psalm 37. I looked at it and as God would have it His words penned by David really connected to my heart. Now, I cannot tell you that I was like, yes, "Keep Shining!" came from that passage, but I can tell you I started using it as a tagline during the same time I was reading, meditating, and reflecting upon that Psalm. If you are wondering, no, no where in that Psalm says the words: "Keep shining!". But when I read the power written into the first 7 verses of that Psalm, that is what comes to my mind. Verse 6 in particular makes reference to your righteousness appearing as the light and your judgement as the noonday. Hence, "Keep shining!"

So why do I encourage others to keep shining? It is my way of saying to others that they matter. The contributions they make matter. They are a light in a dark world. They in essence brighten up the day or night for everyone they touch. I know that we all go through some very dark times, but I also know that the light is very noticeable and appreciated during the darkest of times. More so than in the times of light. You have the opportunity to be a blessing to others in this world by a kind word, a gracious act, a smile. The light you shine is touching others.

Think about it, when you see a person walk in the room and they are all doom and gloom. You notice it. The group notices it. You can feel, if not see, the cloud they bring with them. Now, just the opposite, when a person walks in the room and brings with them an aura of confidence, a positive disposition, a simple smile or even per se a whistle, well you notice that too. You see the shine. You see the light. The light will pierce the darkness.

Bring your talents, your strengths, and your smile with you wherever you go. We need it. The world craves it! Be the light!

Keep shining!

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