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Let's Grow!

Who would have thought 17 years of local government management service would have flown by so fast. I owe my local government management legacy to Mayor Scott Stahl in Union City, Ohio. He took a flier on Kim and I and moved us from Mattoon Illinois where I served as a municipal police officer. I took the seat in what we call in the industry, the "big chair.", with no management experience beyond what I learned during my time serving as a Team Leader in the 72nd Signal Battalion over in Karlsruhe Germany. As with any successful leader, I learned very early on in my public service career that you cannot achieve much unless you build effective and genuine relationships. Team, truly does not include an "I".

Through my career I have formed bonds with what I call "Rock Star" public servants. Local Governments across our great Nation are blessed with very capable hard working men and woman who come to work each and very day to serve. They do not receive a lot of credit, recognition, or support and truth be told they receive more than their fair share of complaints. These bonds have allowed myself to grow, them to develop into phenomenal leaders and each community to get a little stronger.

I am excited to begin this next leg in my local government service journey. Working with multiple local government leaders across Illinois. Growing relationships with them and supporting them as they work tirelessly to serve their cities, villages, and towns. I can't wait to play a small part in their leadership journeys.

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