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New Year, New Positive Habits?

2020? 2021? These past two years have flown by in a hurry. We are just a few weeks away from 2022. Yes, that is correct, 2022! If you were looking for an opportunity to reset and set some positive habits, how about taking advantage of these next few weeks? Now is the time to set the stage for an amazing new year! 2022 can be your year! You can own it!

The experts say it takes a solid 30 to 60 days to form a new habit. Now it is important to note that habits are not in themselves positive or negative. Habits are simply a behavior we set by repetition. They are learned behaviors that eventually get set to autopilot. They can be set one hour at a time or one day at a time. For example, of you decide to develop a healthy habit of walking 30 minutes a day and then do it for 30 days in a row before you know it you will go out an walk out of habit. Walking daily will be on autopilot for you.

What positive habits can you set for yourself to help you become a more effective leader in 2022? How about reading every morning for 20 minutes a day? Your ability to grow as a leader is directly linked to your professional development. If you want to grow, devote some time to this effective habit. How about praising members of your team each day for 30 days? Your team will respond positively and your leadership will improve.

What habits can you develop to become more focused in 2022? How about setting aside a few hours each month to set your priorities for the next month. Then set aside a few minutes every morning to review your monthly priorities. This habit will keep you centered and allow you to work toward what is important to you each month.

Another positive habit to begin now is reflecting on this past year and setting your priorities for next year. I am not referring to New Year's Resolutions, although they are similar. I am referring to looking over what has transpired over these past 12 months by asking yourself some very intense questions. You can find some great examples of these annual self reflection questions on-line. Pick a set of questions you prefer and then set aside 3-4 hours to take a hard peek at 2021. Then when that is done, look ahead at what you want to accomplish in 2022. What are a few things that you want to get done in 2022? Now is your chance to put pen to paper on it. I developed this habit last year and have a date set for December 26th to revisit my 2021 and plan for my 2022. I must admit I found the exercise in 2020 to be very therapeutic and extremely motivational.

Now some might say that bad habits are easier to develop than good habits, but I will say again habits are just a learned behavior through repetition. Habits do not care if they are good or bad. You can develop all forms of habits, I challenge you to be intentional over the next few weeks and develop some habits that will add value to your life.

Stay blessed, keep shining, and enjoy your new habits in 2022!

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