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Now Hiring: C.E.O. Apply Within!

I came across an unusual position the other day. I thought that it was too clever. It was a position in the C-Suite that every organization needs: A C.E.O. I know what you are thinking, Jim, most organizations have one of those. It is called a Chief Executive Officer in most corporate settings or a Chief Elected Official in many governmental settings. I know, I get it. I have worked hand in hand with many Mayors in the role of the Chief Elected Official. I also currently serve as the Chief Executive Officer for Arndt Municipal Support. I of most people understand that, but I am not talking about either of these forms. . I am talking however about a Chief Encouragement Officer! Does your organization have one? If not, post that hiring sign now, because today we need one, two, or ten of them on each of our teams.

One thing I have learned through my 17 plus years of executive level leadership is that we all need encouragement. This need is pervasive from the C-Suite to the entry level position on the team. Despite your position on the team, you play a critical role. You are also very important. We all live very diverse lives and have different wants and desires, but one universal need is to be appreciated, respected, and valued. I know you think, I am the boss, I don't need encouraged. To that, I say balderdash! Sell that to someone that who has not been there and done that. Everyone, despite your level in the organization needs encouraged. Everyone! This includes you! If you need it, think about all of the people that you interact with on a daily basis. They need it too!

All to often we look to criticize, complain, or just ignore the valuable contributions of our fellow man. You know what is really easy, despite your skillset level? Despite your college education? Despite your trade skills apprenticeship level? It is so easy just to say I appreciate you and your contributions to the team. It is simple, but extremely important to tell those you work with how very important they are to you. Remind them about their strengths, gifts, and talents they have. Thank them for their service. Remind them that what they do really matters. You will touch a heart and left them up, while lifting yourself up in the process.

If you want to begin a very rewarding habit. One that selfishly rewards you, while at the same time enriches the lives of others. Make it a daily practice to send along an encouragement text to a member of your team, your network, and/or your family. I began this rewarding habit in April of 2020 during the height of the great pandemic. I knew that people were scared and lonely. I realized the importance of knowing that someone else on this planet was thinking about them at the very moment and wanted nothing from them but instead wanted to offer them appreciation, love, and admiration. Five days a week I send out at least one encouragement text or shot of praise to people in my network. It matters!

If you are willing? If you are interested? If you are up to the challenge of rewarding your fellow man, please pick up the mantel of Chief Encouragement Officer. The hiring process is pretty simple. If you have the calling, you are hired!

If you want added to my encouragement list, add me on LinkedIn and I will exchange mobile numbers with you. I would be honored to add you to my list.

Keep shining!

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