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Stand out from the Crowd!

Do you want to stand out from the crowd or just blend in?

When I joined the U.S. Army 32 years ago the advice I received from my recruiter was, as you can imagine, wrong. His advice was just blend in. I did that and it did not profit me or my unit. Instead of bringing my talents to the table, I left them hidden in order to blend and not bring attention to myself. That was a disservice to myself and my brothers (at that time we were segregated). That negatively impacted my federal service career and took me down a lackluster path.

Fast forward 30 plus years later and I ask you, are you blending in or are you using the unique talents and gifts that you have to better your team? We all have special skills that we should be using to lift each other up. By blending we are not helping each other grow and improve. I learned this lesson later in my management career.

As a leader it is not your responsibility to know and be able to personally do everything that your organization is tasked with performing, but it is your role to get the best out of your team and motivate them to succeed and grow. The most successful organizations get it. It truly takes a team and the talents that each individual member brings to the table. Where one may be weak, make sure there is another on the team that is talented in that area. Intentionally strive to ensure your team is diverse and work constantly to develop the talents and skills of your team members for their benefit and to maximize the success of the organization.

How do you maximize your teams talents? I am glad you asked. Invest in your team. Provide professional development opportunities, conduct regular team building exercises, assign mentors and accountability partners, develop a young leaders committee within your team, and lavish your team members with praise when you see them utilizing their unique talents for the betterment of the team.

Do you want your team members to blend in? No! So make sure you encourage them to grow and bring their strengths to the table. Lift them up!

Keep shining!

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