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What is your vision?

Do you have a vision? Does your organization? If you do, are you following your path? Are you working hard at turning your vision into a reality? If you do not, its time to start. If you have one, but you are not pursuing it's time to do a self check-up. What is blocking you path? What is holding you back?

Many people go through life allowing circumstances to dictate their journey. Akin to a river. They simply float along and allow the current to take them to a destination that is determined by circumstance. By taking time to concentrate on where you want to go or what you want to accomplish you can put a rudder on that boat you are sitting on and begin to steer the boat into a direction that you prefer.

How do you set a vision for yourself or an organization? Truly look at who you are, where you are at, and determined what it is you want to be or what you want to accomplish? Be honest with yourself during this analysis. Be open to what you hear and what you are feeling. Allow yourself to get a handle on where you are at, your starting point on the path if you will and then look downrange at where you want to be.

Now you are setting a vision. A vision for yourself or a vision for your organization. Next, you need commit to your vision, proclaim your vision, discuss it with your mentors. Making your vision public is like talking it into existence. It is no longer an intangible thought trapped in your mind, you have added it to the lexicon of the world. Making your vision tangible has a way of compelling you into action.

Now that you have the rudder installed on your boat, you need to put it into use. Make course corrections as you pursue your vision. Now you are off and running into the direction you desire. Circumstances will still be there to take you downstream if you let up, so don't. Keep your boat guided toward your vision. Be faithful and committed to your vision. If you are not, who is going to be? It is after all, your vision!

I end where I began, if you or your organization has a vision and you are not pursuing it. You are not committed to it. Throw the anchor into the water and stay put while you establish a vision that you truly want. Then pull up the anchor and put that rudder to use.

Vision is so important for people and organizations that want to be successful. The Holy Bible states "Where there is no vision, the people perish:" Proverbs 29:18 Another powerful quote is written by one of my favorite leadership teachers John Maxwell "Vision is everything." Let both of these sink in.

You and I only have one shot at this thing we call life? Do you want to let others dictate the path you are going to take? Now is the time for you to install the rudder and take your path to where you want to go.

Keep shining!

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