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Who is your Inner Circle?

The importance of carefully developing and nurturing a powerful support group has been a leadership law on display throughout the recorded history of mankind. Yes, I did make a bold statement there. A leadership law. Not a hypothesis. Not a theory. Not a principle. A leadership law.

Call this support group a "Master Mind" an "Inner Circle" a "Brain Trust" or a "Think Tank", whatever you want to call it, you need to understand the value of it, develop it, nurture it, and then use it to maximize the value your provide to your organization and our world.

Think back with me to your Sunday School lessons. The most dynamic leader in our history is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Could He, as God incarnate do all things, yes. Did He do all things on His own? No. Jesus formed, that's right, a "Master Mind" group, an "Inner Circle" if you prefer. He used this "Inner Circle" to enhance His effectiveness and He provided value to His "Inner Circle." Jesus selected 12 Apostles to assist Him in His ministry. But out of those 12 he formed an "Inner Circle", this was made up of three Apostles: Peter, James, and John. If Jesus, God in the Flesh, used this Law to maximize His leadership and service, why wouldn't you?

Let's face it, despite how brilliant you are. I mean that, you are brilliant. You are ultimately limited to your own mind. We all have a limited amount of capacity. How do we expand our capacity? By working closely with others who are willing to share in the pursuit of your objectives, goals, mission, and vision. The power of two or more pulling together toward a common goal is exponentially more than the sum of its parts. When two or more human brains begin working on an opportunity, that is when the magic happens. The creative juices get flowing. You create an idea and give life to it.

Think back to the story of the old mule wearing blinders. When passerby saw a farmer plowing with a single mule wearing blinders in a rig set for two, the passerby stop to ask what the farmer was doing and why he was only using one mule instead of two. The farmer replied he only had one mule adding his old mule pulls harder in the rig set for two, when the mule thinks there is another mule there pulling with him. Just like the lone mule, if we team up with an "Inner Circle" or a "Master Mind" group it will empower us to be more dynamic, more creative, more productive which will result in more success for our our organization and ultimately our society.

One thing to remember about this law. Just like Jesus displayed to us. You cannot just use this powerful group to harvest from it. You use it to harvest, but you also need to sew seeds into it. The other members of your "Inner Circle" need to reap value from your contributions as well. Your "Inner Circle" needs you to be successful and you need your "Inner Circle" to be successful.

To end, I revert to where I began. Who is your "Inner Circle?" Who are members of your "Master Mind" group? Who are the ones that you rely on? Who leans upon you? If you don't have a group. Get one now. Nurture it. Invest in it. Get ready to see the magic happen.

Here we grow!

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