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Arndt Municipal Support, Inc. (AMS) is a Veteran Owned local government management consulting business. AMS provides organizational development, strategic planning, financial management, economic development, and human resource management services. The number one goal of Arndt Municipal Support Inc. is to add value through service! Our mission is to provide practical executive level support to local government leaders. 

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Financial/Human Resources 


AMS will assist your City with the development of a service oriented balanced budget, the development of a 5-year Capital Improvement Plan, the sale of bonds, the creation of your annual tax levy, and a quarterly financial report. 

AMS will also assist your City with the development of an Employee Handbook, union negotiations, wellness programs, employee pay plans, and the recruitment of new team members. 

Organizational Development/Strategic Planning  
AMS will support your efforts to right size your organization in order to better meet the needs of your residents and help your team develop alignment to maximize your success. AMS provides executive level coaching services, Leadership Team Retreats, City Council Retreats, mentoring programs, and City Council orientations. 
Economic Development 


AMS will be your advocate and support you in your endeavors to retain and recruit new business in  your community. AMS will assist with creating competitive incentive proposals, negotiating with business owners/commercial developers, and promoting your community. 

AMS will provide policy advice and economic development programs to enhance your ability to successfully serve your community by growing and retaining jobs. 

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