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Local Government Leaders

I have made several valuable friendships over the past 23 years in local government service. I have been in the in the trenches with these government leaders. We have bled, laughed, cried and served with one another. I am honored by these testimonials.  I look forward to building a relationship with you as we serve together in the future. 

Steve Miller, City Administrator 

"Jim is a highly self-motivated and driven leader in planning and executing programs/projects." 

Lowell Crow, City Manager, Centralia Illinois - Retired 

"James Arndt is one of the true leaders in the area of professional government. Having served as a City Manager or City Administrator in multiple states as well as municipalities he has a breadth of experience that is unmatched by most in the field. If you need someone for either short term solutions or long term consulting he is a good person to use as your consultant." 

Randy Bukas, City Manager, Freeport Illinois

"As a former municipal administrator, Jim Arndt is a proven problem solver. He can look at the big picture and find solutions to meet the challenge. He is a planner, negotiator, financial planner/analyst and organizer. No matter the issue, Jim gets the job done." 

Mayor Brandi Harless, Paducah Kentucky 

"Jim is committed to growth and success of cities. He fundamentally believes that the best place to make an impact is within our local government. His ability to carry a vision while also grounding every step in reality is truly a gift and is what helps move bureaucratic organizations like city governments forward." 


“Jim is a talented and experienced city manager with a wealth of knowledge about leading governmental organizations and working with elected officials. What sets him apart from others in this field is the energy, passion and drive he brings to everything he does. This enthusiasm is unmatched.”

​​Michelle Smolen, Assistant City Manager - Paducah Kentucky 

"Jim was one of the first mangers I met when I entered the profession. Over the years I've learned that Jim is a true servant leader whose positive energy allows him to build strong teams. Most important though is that Jim has great integrity and can be counted on to follow through on his commitments." 

Gary Williams, City Manager - Carbondale Illinois 

"Jim Arndt displays a constant level of enthusiasm and expertise for work in local government. As a mentor, he shared with me ways to lead from the front of the team, and to have compassion for the communities and residents we serve. He is incredibly skilled in long-range strategic planning, staff and organizational development, economic development, and community engagement. His decades of experience in the profession, serving a variety of diverse communities, is evident by his ability to view any challenge as as opportunity for growth, creating citizen-centric and team led solutions." 

Harrison D. Fry, Assistant City Administrator-Community Economic Development Coordinator - City of Lake Ozark, Missouri 

"Jim was one of the first Administrators that I met that was willing to answer questions, give advice to new Administrators, and to mentor those in the profession." 

Kyle Gill, City Administrator - Mattoon Illinois 

"I have worked very closely with Jim Arndt for over two years. He is honest, energetic, meticulous, personable and highly intelligent. Jim is most competent and brings success and blessings with whatever he does. I highly recommend and support him!" 

Gerald Watkins, Commissioner - City of Paducah and State Representative - Commonwealth of Kentucky 


"At Arndt Municipal Support, Your community leaders will find tools for success as stated by this elected official…

During my 10+ years as an elected official, I have attended numerous workshops, retreats and commission advances.  Mr. Jim Arndt is one of the very best facilitators I have ever experienced. His tailored approach helps those participating find clear vision and alignment. He helps construct a plan to accomplish specified goals in a defined amount of time. Paducah, Ky is no doubt better because of our clear, concise and attainable strategic plan. From budgetary concerns to special projects, every detail is addressed. Mr. Arndt helped our elected body begin to create our future. He could not have provided a more rewarding experience. Such leadership is his gift.” Carol C. Gault, Commissioner - Paducah Kentucky

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